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Sure looks like the "Pot Stock" sector is in the doldrums.

Are there catalysts on the horizon? Yes. The biggest news is coming to make us legit, such as banking and IRS rule changes. States are trying to get ahead of the voters by allowing some form of CBD laws or decriminalization.

Polls all over the country are showing growing support of our cause.
Media coverage is growing day by day. Pro and Con ads will be running leading up to the November elections in several states.
Every time one of these anti-pot people opens their mouth about the evils of weed they look stupid to the general public, as they see the coverage of sick kids that are thriving on pot.

Hang in there PotStockers. And keep some cash in your account for the next big ticker.

Currently our "Weed Fund" has 19 different names in it and is still up over 100% YTD.

What do you think will happen after the landslide yes votes on the props on the ballots in Alaska, Oregon and Florida?

The tide is turning. Just hang in there, the future is GREEN!

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Things are starting to heat up in Florida as three different Ganjapreneurs have asked me for help with funding the past week.

If you are trying to figure out where you will get the cash to fund your green business plan, I may have the answer.
Contact me to steer you in the right direction to accredited investors with check-books at the ready to help you make green.
The ideas for cannabis related products and services I am hearing are great examples of the great American Dream!
Need help figuring this new booming industry?

Contact MjMoneyMan and I will show you the way!

 420 Cannabis Funders Free Business Listings

The Wolf of Weed Street put out a buy call on his subscribers before he announced to the public at 10am.

We already held 1,000 shares and were able to buy another 4,700 shares this morning before 10am.

You must use everything in your arsenal to make money in the "Pot Stock" business.

Look for the buy opportunity once the Wolf bounce ends in a day or two. I say buy under $1.25 and the sell call will come.

I had a very long discussion yesterday with four different growers from California and Florida. They all said the same thing: "It is very hard to grow great pot". Another of my grower pals, Mike Boutin from the Weed Country TV show, told me the same thing.

Check out the video on GBLX's site and make you own decision to buy. My due diligence is telling me more than just the products effect the share price.

Make $$$$ on the Wolfie pump!


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