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The statement below will tell you how things are shaping up against #yeson2 in Florida.

The Vote No on 2 group has amassed a war chest of more than $3 million, including $2.5 million from Las Vegas gambling magnate Sheldon Adelson and $322,000 from Publix CEO Carol Jenkins Barnett.

I never shop in Publix and neither should you. Let's see, what could the CEO of a big pharmacy not like about legal MMJ?

Guess they know we will spend less on high priced big pharma drugs.

Yesterday's Quinnipiac poll showed 88% in favor of legal MMJ.

Let's vote at the polls with a yes on #2  this November 4th, 2014 - so the idiots in Tally will realize they work for us, not the special interest groups.

Then let's vote with our dollars and boycott Publix!

If you are not out of the "Pot Closet" then come out and be heard!


Vote Yes on Amendment 2 for  Florida Medical Marijuana



After back to back Cannabis Career Institute days of classes, my brain is overloaded. Add in 340 miles of twisting the throttle on my Rolling Office and my brain is full. Time to decompress all the data and implement the next big idea - now! Great response to my presentations. Big thanks to Robert Calkin, all the CCI students and my other 420 friendly friends.


Cannabis Career Institute
Cannabis Career Institute

Kickstands up Saturday morning July 26th to Fort Lauderdale and Cannabis Career Institute class at the Renaissance Hotel on 17th Street from 9am to 7pm.  Then again at the Airport Hilton in West Palm Beach on Sunday, July 27th.

Click on one of the CCI links on my page and sign up.

After my first CCI class, and meeting the legend Bob Calkin, the founder of CCI and 25 year vet of the "Pot Industry" - I started MjMoneyMan.

You to will find your way to a new career in the Green Rush.

It will be the best $299 you ever spend on weed education!

Your one time fee gets you in every CCI class everywhere, forever!

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Cannabis Career Institute
Cannabis Career Institute

If you are already invested in pot stocks, stay in!

Saturday I am meeting with some HIGH rollers in the "Pot Stock" sector.

There will be market moving news, so stay tuned!

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